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How to Get Great Food in Nola without emptying your Wallet

Sweating my Way to the South-Episode 4

Burning Down Da House Nola Style

To try the tastes of New Orleans, you do not always have to go to the restaurants.  One great reason of having a timeshares or using AirBNB is having a kitchen.  In looking and researching I found this great market in the business district that had great local favorites. Please check out my video on how to get great food without emptying your wallet!

Tips for Cooking at home in Nola

  • Check out the local markets for great cooking at cheaper prices
  • Ask the Uber drivers where to get great food and where the markets are
  • Some stuff I can cook easily some I can’t. I have made Emerill’s Gumbo and Jumbalaya before and know that I could never do that here so that I will grab. Just like I am not going to have a crayfish boil in my room for convenience and the smell!!
  • With the kids sometimes they just don’t like going out every night and they can sit in pool while I cook!


Not only are the markets a great place to get meals but also gifts of the different types of foods from that area really cheap. The Market we were at had the Beignet mix, Dirty Rice and other foods we have tried from NOLA. This was also where I met Charlie and got to try his great product! I love the restaurants and music here but after a long day of walking around and sweating sometimes I just like to sit home and enjoy dinner! This is a great way to do it and I can control what goes into the food!

I hope you enjoyed me and the kids Burning Down Da House and I Hope this helps you Live your Best Life with good food!!

Paula Ward AKA Tutufitmama

To check out Rouses Market go to

To Order Charlie’s Sausage go to






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