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When to phone a Friend for Motivation when you have Excuses

Sweating my Way to the South-Episode 6

So to anyone who has been to a conference you know it can be days of sleep deprivation!! But when you go to a fitness convention, they add another level of fun with early morning workouts before your classes. So after about 4 hours of sleep, maybe, my alarm goes off at 0430 and I just want to turn it off and go to sleep!! I know I could have  pulled the covers over, and just gone back to sleep.   Listen to how I handled the excuses that were going through my head this am to not get in my workout!!


  • Call that person you know will never let you go back on your commitment to yourself
  • Plan to meet others who will harass you when you don’t show up to the workout you arranged
  • Find a group of friend that will keep each other accountable to each others fitness goals. Tell these people your goals! I posted I was tired and with in minutes I had five people telling me I could do it and one truth bomb of get up I had the same amount of sleep and I have already done my workout!!
  • When in doubt find a good looking trainer who plays awesome music! When the pump up jams start,  you know you will never leave!! Oh and 2000 people behind you screaming helps also!!


So I am not perfect and I am not a early morning person either.  Once a year, I get to experience the largest group workout.  The energy and positive message that comes from that experience is amazing. People of all kinds working out together with one message to change their lives and their families legacy for the better. I hope this message inspires you and helps you with tips on how to Live your Best Life!!

Paula Ward AKA Tutufitmama

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