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Thoughts from The Bayou with Captain Allen

Sweating my way to the South-Episode 5

When I signed up for this tour, the kids and I were a bit apprehensive!! Will we get eaten by Alligators, will they have to try and find our bodies later??? But luckily we did let our preconceived ideas stop us.  Please check out below some video from our trip into the Louisiana swamps and thoughts on The Bayou with Captain Allen!


  • Life on the Bayou is not scary, they live a simple life but he has always had a job and had all he needs met. It is safer than the cites!
  • If you give alligators love and respect and apparently hot dogs and marshmallows you can live together! This man treats these alligators better than some people treat their dogs!!
  • When you live free in the wild, you stay in shape and in captivity you grow giant and twice your size! How true is this in relation to us as humans. When we had to work for our food we were healthy and active and at a great weight now we have an obesity problem!
  • They ride out the hurricanes because it is better than the traffic leaving! Also thoughts on life! A storm or tough time comes we panic and flee instead of leaning in and fighting it! He says their houses we built on platforms to handle to higher tides. They have boats to get around when the water rises and they stick together with neighbors and party on their decks till the water recedes!! Support each other through the storms!!
  • Tv and Media blows everything out of proportion! That alligators and the swamp is not scary and haunted! Don’t believe everything you see on the square box! Go and see it for yourselves!
  • Alligator is expensive and too tough to eat! Frogs are plentiful and Free!! As someone who cooks I had to ask his frog leg recipe! Fried all the way but he has done them with garlic and onions sauted in a pan!!

So I hope you enjoy his video and Capt. Allen! This tour was great and please click link below to schedule with them if you are every in the New Orleans Area! I hope this helps you and your family Live your Best Life and learn about this beautiful place off the beaten path in the south!

Paula Ward AKA TuTufitmama

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