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What your Toilet Water Color Really says about you!!

Water Water Everywhere-Episode 3

So you know why you need to drink water, about how much you should drink a day and how to keep track of it. But how can you tell if you are truly hydrated. The amount of water can vary day to day and also depending on how active or how hot it is out side.  To find this out without going to the doctors and running fancy tests. There are some great simple ways to tell this. Watch video below to see what you toilet water color really says about you and your level of hydration!

Non-Scientific Ways to Monitor Hydration

  • Skin Turgor and dryness: By pinching the back of your hand you can tell how hydrated you are. If it says elevated start drinking! Your skin can also be very dry if you are always dehydrated.

  • Color of your Urine:  Looking at chart below and matching it to urine in the toilet, you can see how hydrated you are. Also think about when the last time you peed was! Well hydrated people go to the bathroom a lot! According to, you are well hydrated when urine is a tinge of yellow and  have minimal odor. 3% dehydrated urine is noticeably yellow. 5% dehydrated it looks like a glass of Chardonnay. Greater than 5% dehydrated and your urine looks orange. Now some food and medications can affect color and odor so be aware if this is the case for you. See chart below to see where you fall!!

  • Bad Breath: When you are dehydrated you can’t make saliva and the bacteria in mouth can become overgrown. This will also cure the dry mouth you feel when dehydrated.  So Staying hydrated in this case will not only benefit you but your social life!
  • Feeling tired, sleepy, or hunger:
    While the other ways are better indicators these can be late symptoms. When you are falling asleep at desk at 3pm you think you need coffee when really a glass of water might cure these symptoms. Drink large glass of water first and then see if you are hungry or if it really is being tired. Drinking coffee at this time will only make you more tired and more dehydrated!

So I know you now think I am crazy posting pictures of toilest and making you check your pee. But as a nurse, I have learned,  you really don’t need fancy test to usually tell a patients hydration. So I hope you find this blog helpful and send me a message and let me know what your Toilet Water says about you! I hope this helps you live your best life!

Paula Ward aka TuTuFitMama



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