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TutuFitMama Means What?

Living Your Best Life

So my name is Paula Ward and I live in Bolton Ma with my husband Jim and our 2 kids Peter 10 and Moira 9.  I spent over 20 years as a nurse in the hospital setting taking care of critically ill patients. Over the years I had let the stress of being a mom, nurse, caregiver and many other things take over my life. I never made anything in my life a priority, my health, my fitness and the diseases that creep up when you don’t take care of yourself were starting to destroy my body.  I was starting to not be able to take care of the people in my life that mattered most, my family, my ailing parents and most of all me.  After a major knee injury, a major car accident and watching a family member fade away due to depression and drug addiction, I decided to take control of my life, I did not want to watch life from my couch or better yet possibly not be here at all. I took control of my diabetes and my psoriatic arthritis by choosing a daily exercise program, clean eating and living a positive lifestyle. I have remained free of diabetes and put my arthritis in remission and I  had been on medications for these diseases since 2000.  I gained confidence and knowledge by completing over 18 different programs from Beachbody from start to finish some of them being 90-120 days.  This  helped me know that no matter how hard or ridiculous a program may be I can complete it start to finish.  It may not have been pretty or exactly like the trainers in the videos, but I did it my way . This has led me to lose 50 lbs and now my pre-diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, cholesterol and fatty liver have been controlled my my choices not by medications.


All these amazing things that these programs let me achieve have  led me to these people, my team members, my family and my support.  While sharing my journey, Teambeachbody has allowed me to work less as a nurse which takes me out of my home and away from my family and still contribute to our income and pay off debt.  My monthly income from this help us pay for our car payment and then some.  I have also been able to take my husband on a cruise that I earned just by helping people and being there.  This was more than just a free cruise for me and my husband, but a gift of time! Time to spend with each other because in our daily lives we work opposite each other and have little time to spend to work on us.  We needed this time and it also gave Jim a new inspiration to get healthy and take control of his health. Teambeachbody has made me a happier person, a better mom and wife, more compassionate nurse and health coach.


So with this new found passion for health, I have been able to heal myself and have the confidence to try something I have always wanted to do which is Muay thai. Despite a knee injury, I have been able to do this for 3 years and pass 4 tests. I have  also inspired my daughter to pursue this form of martial art after achieving her black belt in Kempo karate.  The night this video was taken we partnered together for this round. I know that not only can I handle myself if anyone tried to hurt me but I am now passing on that confidence to my daughter and that is a amazing gift!!

I am a sports mom, hot mess chef, nurse, and coach! Through my struggles, I wanted to help people, because I know the pain that is caused by feeling stuck and overwhelmed. My life changed when I broke free of things that were holding me back. I believe a life of abundance is possible though a focus on fitness, nutrition, and education about things holding us back. I want to help people tap into the systems that help them regain control over their lives and passionately pursue success and achieve the life they deserve for themselves and their family.
Lets Live Your Best Life!!!