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Know why diets don't work? Because they don't make it easy to lose weight and keep the weight off. 21 Day Fix makes it simple to enjoy the foods you love—without calorie counting! It's not another diet. In fact, it's EXACTLY the opposite. 21 Day Fix lets you EAT! Only in just the right portions, so you don't feel miserable and deprived - but you CAN finally start losing weight. What's the secret? Our seven exclusive containers. Each one is color-coded for a different kind of food, and pre-measured for the precise portion. You'll never have to "eyeball" your measurements again—if it fits in the container, you can eat it! Combine this eating plan with one 30-minute workout a day. That's all. It's that simple!

My Commitment to You and Trust me if you can commit, you can succeed! I will meet you half way! My job as your coach, is to be your support, help you understand the meal pan, pick foods that you can work into your meals, stay accountable, and to motivate the both of us to get in the best shape of our lives! I want you to put your fears aside and go for it! What do you have to lose except a few pounds, gain confidence and gain a ton of energy! Not a bad side effect right!! What is a Challenge Group It is a Free App I will invite you to when you sign up with me as your coach. In there you can log your measurements, post workouts, ask questions, and share s much or as little as you want. I will walk you through how to set realistic goals, how to meal prep, and how to set yourself up for success. Each day you log into app for a daily posts of motivation, recipes, and exercise tips. This will help us track our progress and remain engaged and this will help us succeed! If you want some extra help I am always available to talk to help you with any issues privately. What are the Requirements The requirements are that you purchase a Challenge Pack or at the minimum a fitness program. You get this program through me from my website. Complete the form below and sign up with me as your coach. Only my customers and coaches are allowed into this secret group.

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