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How Friday the 13th and School Picture Day didn’t Mix

So when the school picture day date came out I put it on my calendar and didn’t think anything of it. Last week I thought, hmm maybe I should make sure the kids know what they are wearing so the morning of, it wont turn into Chaos!! I thought I was really cool and ahead of the game until I heard this… Mom it will be horrible, said lil mo!! Confused on how it was going be bad before it had even happened. Did she know something I didn’t? Well mom it is on Friday the 13th so you know the pictures will be horrible. I told her it was silly and not to worry and then pushed it out of my mind!! Well listen to how it went and How Friday the 13th and School Picture Day didn’t Mix!

What Really Happened

How a Boy handles this day


Beef as usual got up 30 minutes before he left. His clothes were only ironed because I did it for him!! He did ask to get his haircut the night before and I didn’t even remember why!! After a little bit of gel and ten pounds of cologne he was good to go and no mention of Friday the 13th, having a bad day or anything. He was GQ ready in record time!!

How a Girl handles this day


Well you would think having sisters I would have a clue, but I clearly have blanked out on the experience. She was in a great mood due to a recent haircut and high lights and the day before went great getting ready for school. But what happened after the alarm went off at 6am was something else!!

I walked into her room with her crying she couldn’t get her hair perfect and I look and she had hair oil dripping down her hair onto her clothes. She was beyond consoling and I had no idea what in the world was going on!! After we got her hair washed, new outfit picked out and many tears, I learned in the end it was the fear of Friday the 13th being bad. She then says, “And see it really happened”. It took 2 hours but we finally got her to school and she looked like a super-model!


I looked like I had been hit by a bus and had no idea what just went down!! Guess I forgot how much anxiety this can create! I only remember trying to talk my mom into the laser background because that was what all the cool kids were getting!!

How I Turned it Around

Friday the 13th is a mindset, lets be honest life is a mindset.  I have had worse days on any random day and number of the month. I told her how we choose to react to that day can determine our fate not some stupid fear the media has created!! After she had calmed down, I said, what was the worst thing that could happen? If your pic is bad we retake it, whatever. Everything is fixable or has other options. Was there a better way we could have handled this? Always and we made a plan for next time.

What seemed so horrible at the moment after thinking it through rationally, really wasn’t so bad. But  rational is not what we are  in that moment of anxiety and we need to find that person to be with us till we can calm down and talk things through. Luckily Hubby fled down hall in fear to his room thankful it wasn’t my night to work.

She shared the perfect “Bun” wasn’t the issue. I forgot  she had missed the last 2 class picture days due to illness and she wanted to look great. Also a certain classmate has been sharing her style opinions with everyone and she didn’t want to be part of the critique. So many worries that comes along with a pre-teen girl that the boy doesn’t have. Hey, half the time I am wondering if he is color blind with the color and pattern combos he walks out of the house in.

What I Learned about How Friday the 13th and School Picture Day didn’t Mix

Anxiety is real and sometimes there is nothing we can do to stop that run away train. As parents we think we know what we are doing and most of the time we are just trying to survive the moment. We need to stay as calm as we can and work towards the goal of just getting them out of the house and it will get better!! I had to say to myself, I know this bun issue is stupid but it is real to her right now and help her work through it.

Sometimes that is all we can do as parents.  Be there to hold them and let them know we are there for them and tell them we love them! That was the one good thing I heard the hubby muttering to himself as he went I mean fled down the hall. “I love you, but I love you lil mo!!” It is sometimes the only thing we can do to help our love ones Live their Best Life in that moment!

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