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How we Navigated The Nations Most Beloved Park in a Wheelchair

The Special Request

How did the Yankee fan, A retired Navy Seal, and Tutumama end up at Game 3 of the 2017 RedSox playoffs? My  dad’s mobility has been declining and whenever asked he said he never wanted to go to Fenway park.  He only had gone to a game in Chicago in the 60’s while in the Navy.  In May, he finally got a motorized position changing wheelchair and it was like a whole new world had opened up for him! Gone was the fear of navigating the park and sitting there for a long period of time in one place.

Two weeks ago when  sick in the hospital he had a request, “You know what I would love to do? I want to go to a playoff game!” So I thought, I can try and do this for the guy that would do anything for us. I figured it would be sold out but I would try anyways. Listen below on how I made this happen for him and our experience with How we Navigated The Nations Most Beloved Park in a Wheelchair.


Tips on Getting Handicap Accessible Tickets for Fenway Park

Fenway Park is one of the original ball parks in America. You would think it would be hard to get around in a wheelchair.  However, it is remarkably  accessible for not only wheelchairs but for all kinds of disabilities . They have a whole page related to disabilities for information and resources. On game day they open a whole street just for handicap parking and have two gates ( B,D) that are accessible.  For Tickets, you can only call the ticket office at Fenway Park. They are never released to places like stub hub or third party sellers. This is great because you pay face value for the tickets and they are available at  will call on the day of the event.

Getting around the Park

navigating FenwayPark

We went in gate B and was able to check out the Bullpen.  Our Grandstand seats were accessible without needing a elevator or encountering stairs. Near our seats was a family bathroom that my dad could get in himself or with one of us if he needed help. Our seats were behind home plate and he just rolled up to the railing. This was our view of the game.

navigating FenwayPark

The True High Light of Fenway Park

You might think it was the Fenway franks or the fact it was one of the most exciting games I have been to. But what really made the trip less stressful for my dad and even me was the staff. When I called the ticket agent,he gave me the number to call if I was in the park and had questions. I never had to use it.

As soon as we came in we were greeted by a staff member asking us if we needed any help. He helped my dad check out the Bullpens and see the park from the outfield. He even ask if we needed him to escort us to our seats. The picture below is of Bill who was the usher in our section grandstand 23. When we had a issue with a guest that was making our stay difficult he dealt with it even thought I said we were fine. He must have checked in with us three more time just to make sure everything was ok.

Fenway park and wheelchairs

The last thing the park staff did was make sure we could get out of the park. Due to the fact we parked in Fenway’s lot we had to go all the way back to gate B. This was unfortunately against exiting traffic, we were like migrating salmon. One random guest helped move the people out of the way so my dad could get initially through the halls.  A staff member, a spitfire blond ( I wish I had got her name)saw our struggle and escorted us to gate B in a quick and helpful manner.

Final Thoughts on How we Navigated The Nations Most Beloved Park in a Wheelchair

How we Navigated The Nations Most Beloved Park in a Wheelchair

The smile on my dads face during the whole game was priceless. I am so glad I could give him this memory with his grandson who will remember it his whole life. The amount of people that thanked him for his service as a former Navy Seal was touching. He was high fived all the way around Fenway like a celebrity. Only down side, was the above garage that we couldn’t get into till after  all the cars had exited both entrances. When asked how he would rate this experience he said a 7. I was like are you kidding me. So I asked him what would be better than this? His statement was “A World Series Game”. I  said well you are on your own for that! But I now know that if he got tickets we could get him there!!

I hope this helps you and a family member feel more confident on How we Navigated The Nations Most Beloved Park in a Wheelchair.  I hope it was helpful and can help you and your family Live Your Best Life!

Paula Ward AKA TuTufitmama

For a link to the Fenway Park Accessibility page

fenway park and wheelchairs




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