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Sunbasket Review-A Great Option for the Carb Conscious Person

One of the hardest part of meal prep can be looking for recipes then getting all of the ingredients to create the masterpiece. With the increase popularity of of meal delivery services I have been trying some of these available services. While the meals were great, they were  heavy in the processed carbs area.  When a friend mentioned  Sunbasket gives you options of vegan, gluten free, and paleo I was intrigued. As a pre-diabetic, I am looking to cut down on processed carbs intake and be more Carb Conscious . Listen below for my Sunbasket review and my first meal from the box.

What I liked about Sunbasket

  • All materials are recyclable that the product is shipped in.  They gave you great ideas to reuse some of the containers.
  • All products were shipped in perfect condition. For example, two meals had Mango and Peaches and both tasted amazing and ripe! Sunbasket Review
  • I ordered 4 family friendly meals and the recipes came in a nice cookbook style pamphlet with 2 additional recipes. There was an explanations about the products, information on the farms they used and ideas on how the kids could help you prepare the meals. The recipes are easy to follow and gave you options to make it paleo when serving. I even learned a new way to poach chicken in coconut milk. Sunbasket Review
  • Great portion sizes. I actually had to use extra food containers to fit it all in.

Disadvantages of Sunbasket

  •  The discount came out  129$ for 4 meals for 4 people and I know  I can use the recipes but get the price per meal down with different stores and local markets.
  • My husband wanted to know where all the rice and pasta was.  Everyday is a challenge here but once he eats it he usually is happy.
  • Making the meals. The food and everything you need to make it is there minus the chef to make it for you!!

A Great Option for the Carb ConsciousA Great Option for the Carb Conscious Person

In the end, I do think this may be my favorite meal order service.  Next time I would get the classic meals and see how the kids like them. We had pasta primavera, chicken sliders, and Beef stir fry and all came out amazing.  The food quality was amazing and the recipes were easy to follow. The best part of Sunbasket and most of these services is that you don’t have to buy the food. You can just use the recipes and print them at home. The hidden secret about these services. I know on busy weeks having my groceries is a huge help with cutting down the chaos and being more Carb Conscious.

I hopw this helps you live your best life and have a great meal with your family!

Paula Ward AKA TuTuFitMama

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A Great Option for the Carb Conscious






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