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~30 days of Total Body Fitness
~Easy to Follow Meal Plan
~30 days of Delicious Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes
~My Coaching ( FREE)
~Accountability of other Motivated Participants
~Free Accountability App to track your workouts, progress, get daily tips, and receive continuous online support from any computer or device
~30 Minutes Getting Started Goal and Planning Call
~Continuous Goal setting support and weekly 1:1 check in with me
~Free weekly fitclub if local in Massachusetts
~Free cookbook to get you started with your healthy meal planning
~Free Journal to track your journey

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Here is a previous group of ladies that joined me for 30 days to crush their health goals!

This is Why This Program Is Different!

Many Gyms just offer equipment and not the whole package and charge you extra to get 1:1 support. Not me! I will address Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability so you can finally tackle those health challenges you have been fighting all these years.  I found that the people who utilized these features, had the best outcomes with there health and wellness goals

  My VIP Program Gyms Personal Trainers
  $19/mo $30-50/mo $50/mo

Are you sick of paying Gym fees and not getting your money’s worth and not even utilizing the gyms you are paying monthly for?


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It is time to focus on you and your health! Life is too short to not Live Your Best Life! Your Family deserves it and most of all you deserve it!

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What Actual Clients Have To Say!

"I don't normally share this stuff but Paula Ward, you called me out so I feel I have to now thanks mostly to core de force I have lost another 9.4 pounds and 9.2 inches. Just about a year ago I was 30 pounds heavier getting ready to give birth to baby Wyatt. I am below the weight I started the pregnancy at and have mixed it up all year between workouts from autumn, Chalene, Leandro, and Joel and Jericho. My goal is to lose another 10 pounds"

~ Kate

" About two (2) years ago, Paula reached out to me on Facebook. Although I politely declined a few times, she thankfully continued to reach out to me. In July of 2015, I decided to invest the time and purchased a 21-Day Fix/Shaekeology challenge pack and joined one of Paula's groups. Approaching as a journey and not a diet, I have developed better eating and exercise habits and met others on their own health and wellness journey. After a few rounds of 21-Day Fix, I truly felt as if new habits had been formed. Since then, I have also completed other programs (22 Minute Hard Corps, Focus T-25, Core De Force, Hammer and Chisel, Cize, Country Heat and P-90). In addition, I have sampled other programs through Beachbody on Demand. Throughout it all, I have had Shakeology every day; which truly has helped with my digestion and is an easy go-to breakfast. Although I have had ups and downs, which is what journeys are about, I have mostly maintained by 60 pound weight-loss and three-size loss. Moreover, I have the tools and support to fall back on when I might slip along the way!!
Baby steps in learning to take care of me. Thank you all! Especially Paula, for not giving up on me for the last 2 years!!! "

~ Laurie

"Its been a journey of learning. I have been going to country heat live as much as possible and work out at home when I can
For the first time ever I feel like I can get healthy and fit. I've finally started losing weight, I think my body went into, oh no what is she doing!! I haven't been in the this weight in 20 years"

~ Linda

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